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Why I wrote this blog…

June 24, 2008

1. To say “Hello World!”

2. To clog up the tubes with more junk. (See Ted Stevens)

3. To further stress test the Wayback Machine. (See World’s Biggest Backup)

4. To act “hip” and hop on the “blogging craze”. (and test out :p

5. To mimic thousands of others and blog about my (mis)adventures with WCF, .NET and other programming stuff. (As if there isn’t already enough out there…:p)

6. To log the problems I faced during my programming, and then curse and swear at them (#$%&/@*?!…)

7. To note down how I resolved the problems , if they are ever resolvable in the first place. ( See (#$%&/@*?!…)

8. To let another fellow hapless programmer, whom just might chance upon this blog while searching for a solution to his/her problems, (see Cure All), and in the highly unlikely scenario,  find some information that just might be useful to him / her.

9. To act as a backup FAQ in case the that fellow hapless programmer happens to be me. AGAIN. (see 8.)

10. To say “Hello World!”

(Oops..Infinite Loop!) :p