“window.scrollTo” javascript function does not work in Internet Explorer 6

Why Can Fail?!

This is a wierd one. I’m trying to call “window.scrollTo(x,y)” javascript function to scroll my sharepoint webpage to the end. Other than inheriting the sharepoint header, it can be considered a normal aspx page.In IE6, the page refuses to scroll. In Mozilla Firefox, the page scrolls just fine. Figures. :\

Why Like That?!

No idea. This is probably 1 of those javascript bugs in IE6. :\

What To Do?!

Found a workaround on the web. Encase the window.scrollTo method within a setTimeout method, and then it works.


setTimeout(‘window.scrollTo(0, 100)’,1);

This works in IE6. 🙂

window.scrollTo(0, 100)

This does not work in IE6. 😦

Where Got Say?!

This is the forum post from I got the workaround.



3 Responses to ““window.scrollTo” javascript function does not work in Internet Explorer 6”

  1. jitendra vagh Says:

    Thanks a lot. You save my day!!

  2. Bieber Girlfriend Says:

    I had the opposite problem – worked fine on Chrome and all versions of IE, but not on FF4. Went crazy trying to fix this.
    Don’t know why this happened – but you workaround saved my day.


  3. vaman Says:

    hey nice post its really work for me

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